First Steps

Create Your First Website

Once Kulfon is installed, you will have access to the kulfon command. First, let's create a new project:

kulfon new my-project

Run in Development Mode

Enter the newly created project directory:

cd my-project

Invoke the server command to run the project in development mode

kulfon server

Go to http://localhost:3000 to check your website.

For more commands, type:


Create Page

Kulfon provides a set of CLI commands to facilitate the most common tasks. One of such tasks is page creation.

Use create command to create a new Markdown or Org Mode page. By default, the page is created as a Markdown document.

kulfon create page "My new lovely page"
Created `website/pages/`

If you would like to create an Org Mode page, use --format parameter directly on the command line (or set the prefered page format in your config.yaml):

kulfon create page "My new lovely page" --format org
Created `website/pages/`