Replacing Kitchen Countertops On A Budget

Countertops are a noteworthy improvement for any house. Surfaces made of solid surfaces, natural stone countertops, or any other material can be expressive. All of this is accurate, but there are some situations in which your financial situation can prevent you from getting the kitchen countertop you want. In that instance, there is no need for alarm. 

It’s easier than most people realize to replace a kitchen countertop on a tight budget. There are various inexpensive materials that can help you produce a high-end design for your kitchen remodel. Although you won’t be able to buy gemstone worktops on a limited budget, there are several countertop options for your home. 


Laminate is an alternative to tile for upgrading your kitchen countertop on a tight budget. Although laminate countertops were once the norm, demand for the surfaces is still high. 

Although laminates are common, you cannot readily repair damage to them, and you must be careful when maintaining them. Laminate countertops are a cost-effective solution for countertops because they typically range from $20 to $50 per square foot. 

Artistic Marble 

An increasingly popular fake marble surface that can replace natural marble is called cultured marble. These countertops are created by blending polyester resin, marble dust, colours, and fillers. 

Cultured marble surfaces are made to resemble marble’s appearance while providing stain protection that natural stone counters do not. Aside from that, cultured marble is a cost-effective substitute for marble because countertops normally cost between $30 and $100 per square foot. 

Clay Wall Tile 

One of the best solutions to take into account when replacing your kitchen countertops on a budget is ceramic tile. Additionally, they are simple to DIY and easy to install. 

Additionally, you have a variety of design and style options to choose from. You will have to deal with the grout lines, which is the one negative. Ceramic tile countertops typically cost between $10 and $15 per square foot in terms of price. 


Even when homeowners are wanting to replace their kitchen worktops on a budget, granite is one of the most popular options. These natural stone surfaces come in a wide range of hues and designs. Additionally, they require little upkeep and are highly resilient. 

Granite countertops are heat, stain, and scratch-resistant, which is the best feature. However, applying a sealant may be necessary once a year, and the procedure is quick and easy. 

Granite is a great option for backsplashes and kitchen island tops in addition to kitchen counters. Granite is a genuinely spectacular natural stone you will come across when choosing countertop selections. But bear in mind that the price of granite countertops typically ranges from $32 to $75 per square foot when purchasing them. 


You should give quartz significant consideration if you want to replace your kitchen countertops on a budget. Natural stones like granite and marble may be installed with ease using quartz because it doesn’t need to be sealed and is suitable for the harsh conditions found in the kitchen. 

Around 90% of powdered quartz is combined with 8–10% resins, dyes, and polymers to create quartz, a man-made stone. As a result, quartz creates a firm surface that is similar to granite and functions as a good granite countertop substitute. 

The look of quartz is influenced by how it is handled since coarsely ground quartz seems flecked while finely ground quartz appears smooth. On average, quartz kitchen countertops cost between $15 and $70 per square foot. 


The most exquisite countertop material now on the market is marble, however it does take your attention. The majority of homeowners still prefer marble when replacing countertops in a kitchen makeover. 

Marble isn’t the ideal countertop material, though. Marble can significantly raise real estate value, however it is porous and requires a lot of maintenance. Being a porous material, marble can be etched by acidic liquids like lemon juice or vinegar, creating a dull, yellowish mark. 

Marble countertops are also available in a range of grade levels, with prices ranging from $15 to $190. 


What it really comes down to is that, when you’re planning to replacing kitchen countertops on a budget, you have to consider the material you’re planning to use and really research or ask expert contractors for help. As for DIY, or do it yourself, our advise would be research everything carefully before executing any actions.