Generate Websites from Data, Instantly.

Get Started

Kulfon /kuːl fəʊn/ is a static site generator for the rest of us. It combines data sources with templates to transform them into HTML pages at once.

Instant Compilation

Kulfon is designed to perform fast. It can rapidly compile large amounts of files into ready to serve and deploy websites.

100% JavaScript

Kulfon is a fully JavaScript solution. No need to deal with another programming langauge. JavaScript is efficient enough. This way it's simpler, faster and more convenient to create static website.

Static or Static-Interactive?

Kulfon can generate fully static websites that are rendered server-side only; or static-interactive ones, that once servered over the wire, hydrate into a SPA.

Supported Markups

Nunjucks is supported by Kulfon
Org Mode is supported by Kulfon
Markdown is supported by Kulfon